Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Today while walking on campus I saw a daffodil opening up.  I just love when that happens, it’s always a sign that new life is happening and a new season is coming.   Before you know it the highways in Texas will be covered with bluebonnets!  I love flowers and the beauty they bring by just being there.  What a journey this thing called life is!  Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roller Coaster Life

Well so far 2011 has been an interesting year.  It’s been a good one but not exactly like I envisioned.  We have our rent house on the market in Arlington, and I thought it would sell fast, it was my house when we got married and I think it is adorable.  The location is not the greatest but it never bothered me.  It’s very close to the freeway so if you commute it’s awesome.  At any rate, it’s been on the market since October and only 8 people have looked at it and no real offers.  One lady made a ridiculous verbal offer but I said don’t even waste time writing that up.  Our renters moved out in November and we moved the utilities over to our name.  In January we got our first electric bill which was way high.  I have been fighting with the electric company ever since.  But because of that bill I drove over to the house at lunch one day to make sure no one had turned the thermostat way up or something.  In doing that I realized it only took me 5 minutes longer to get to work from there than the house we currently live in 6 miles from my office!  How crazy is that, remember I said it was a great location for commuting?  Well that got me thinking.  You see we only owe about $45,000 on that house.  It could be paid off in a couple of years and then we would be debt free!  Very appealing, hmmm.  That has started this whole tug of war in my heart and mind.  You see what started this whole sell both houses and move to the country thing was this property we found in Burleson with a pond, pool, on a hill with a peaceful setting.  (Heaven in my mind)  I must also interject at this point of the story that we have been getting our house we live in ready to sell as well.  In December a friend asked me if we were serious about selling and I said yes.  So about the middle of January I contacted her and to make a long story short, they loved the house and are going to buy it but their lease doesn’t end till June so we get to live here till June (Rachel graduates in June) and we don’t have to go through the whole hassle of living in a house on the market!  Is that a huge blessing from God or what! Makes me get chills even thinking about it.  So one house sold, easy peasy thank you God but what about the other one?  Most of our equity (down payment for new house) is tied up in the Arlington house.  We can’t make it all work without that house selling.  Soooo what’s up God?  Jeff is all for moving back to Arlington and getting out of debt (one of his big dreams).  I’m all for that too except my big dream is to live in a place where I can walk out my back door and hear nothing but birds and not see my neighbors.  I will say Jeff wants that too but he is way more practical than me and I’m older than him and thinking but wait “what about me?”  When do my dreams come true?  So I have gone through the whole woe is me, nobody loves me everybody hates me and I don’t ever get what I want pity party.  I’m finally at a place where I’m ok to move back to my little house in Arlington and get out of debt and just be happy where I’m planted.  I know He knows the end from the beginning and His love for me is never failing and I trust Him to work it all out however He sees fit.  But I still hope someday I can have that place in the country that is full of peace, but I’m willing to wait for a while to get it.  Worse case I have a mansion waiting for me in heaven that I know is on a hill overlooking a sea of flowers. Life is all about compromise, sometimes it's easier than others.  But it's always worth it.