Sunday, September 26, 2010


So much has been happening, our life has been so crazy busy I still have not been able to quilt and now we are looking at putting our house on the market so not sure when I will be able to get back to my favorite thing to do.  I have so many projects to get done but I have to get the house in order first.  So pray for things to fall in place according to God's will for us.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


My plan for today was to clean house and quilt, not necessarily in that order! ;)
However, plans change so I am getting ready to go pick up my granddaughter, she is more like a daughter than grandchild and spend the day with her.  Precious times and memories.  I love being a Mom and Grandmom.  Family is the most important thing after God in my life.  Everything I do I do for them.  This has been the year of change starting with last Christmas.  Not sure exactly what God is trying to teach us yet but every time we have made plans this year somehow they have gotten changed.  It brings to mind on this day of all days another day in our history where not just our plans where changed but our way of life changed.

I'm thinking about 9/11/01.  I can still remember turning on my tv that day to see what was going on in the world before I started my day.  I remember the complete shock and disbelief as I sat there staring at the tv trying to comprehend what I was seeing before me.  It was overwhelming and terrifying.  I screamed for Jeff to come and see what I was seeing still having trouble believing what I was seeing was real.  Then it happened, the second plane hit and pure panic took over my heart, then they showed the pentagon.  What was happening to our world, why was this happening where was it going to happen next, where are all my children?  All these thoughts flashed through my mind in a split second.  Our world changed forever in those few seconds of senseless horror.

I remember the numbness and the eerie quiet as no planes were flying for the next several days and the panic that would arise when you did see a military plane in the air.  (We live near DFW airport so planes are just a constant in our world)  You just want your family with you to see and touch at all times, to know they are safe for at least the time being.

Our lives changed forever that day, we were both self employed at the time, we didn't make a penny for six months, we ended up having to file bankruptcy which was a foreign concept to us.  It was embarrassing and I hated it but we survived, stronger for it.  Hopefully we will never be there again.  My trust in good was rattled and not totally restored.  However, my trust in God never wavered, my trust that He loves me and His plans are for my good.  We live in a crazy mixed up world but He is constant and unchanging.  He is my rock and I will look to Him when all other things fall apart.  He alone is my salvation.  So nine years later we are not any safer than we were that fateful day, in fact this enemy seems to be getting stronger but I know in the end we win.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning & Letting Go

I'm learning to do free motion quilting, I can sew straight lines all day long and have gotten pretty good at it if I do say so myself, however when you start doing curves and circles not so much.  Now for a person that is sort of a control freak and perfectionist this is a huge effort in frustration.  As I'm working on this today after both Sarah and Abby just left to go back to their worlds God really started talking to me about letting go.  Letting go is hard for me you see.  I want everything all neat and tidy and in control.  I want to know how it all comes out and I want it to come out like I planned!  lol  With quilting and with God that doesn't always happen.  I want my circles perfect and I want my kids lives to go how I think they should, but alas the circles are somewhat wonky and my children just don't always listen to my advice.  However, when it comes to the kids they are all doing pretty good and above all they all love so that is really all that matters and the quilts I'm working on will still warm people even if every stitch isn't perfect.  In the case of this little practice piece, it will make great pot holders! Life is good, even if the quilting isn't perfect.