Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good times

It has been a good week.  Jeff’s folks came down for a visit and we have had a wonderful time.  We have literally shopped till we dropped.  It is the first time they have been down and we have not had the kids here too.  Bittersweet times, but we have enjoyed them so much and hate to see them go.  I am just itching to get back to quilting.  It has been a very busy time, but I have several projects calling my name so hoping my schedule frees up soon to get back to it.  I am amazed at how blessed I am, God has truly been good to me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baseball, Hot Dogs & all that goes with it

The Rangers won!  So exciting.  However, I have mixed feelings about it because you see for 5 years I was the coordinator for a fundraiser for our high school band working Rangers concessions.  We made a lot of money for our kids and the band but whew was it a lot of work.  I have always loved baseball and when I was single I had season tickets.  I have not been to a baseball game since completing my duty as Manager of the concessions fundraiser.  Not sure I will, it just has a whole other meaning now and I can't think of baseball without smelling spilled beer, hundreds of hot dogs and pizza running through my head.  Silly I know but that's just the way it is.  Not only that but they are playing the Yankees in a playoff game!  I can't even imagine, Yankees on a regular game is usually a sold out busier than you can imagine game.  Wow, I will be thinking of my friends working the game but rejoicing that I'm not one of them.!  I'm excited for my Rangers though, way to go and in a very classy way too.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Musings and Ponderings

It has been a delightful weekend.  Sarah is home for fall break, Stephanie came over yesterday and we all went to a Pottery/Fiddle festival.  One of my cousins was playing fiddle, the pottery was awesome and it was a great family time.  We are also cleaning, sorting and packing getting the house ready to sell.  That has also been an interesting journey for all of us.  I have asked the girls to think about what they might want or need in the near future and pretty much everything else is getting, sold, packed, given away and in some cases trashed.  It can be a bit overwhelming.  We have come to realize we have way too much stuff!  What makes us collect all this?  You know you have too much stuff when you open a drawer or box and go "I completely forgot I had this"!  Then comes the turmoil of discovering a "new" thing and trying to decide what to do with it.  My rational self says you didn't even know you had it why keep it?  The emotional self says but it's so cool!  How many of us are in that place bound by things?  I am praying for grace to be set free from that, and keep the main thing the main thing.  After all when we die we don't take all this stuff with us and then the people left behind have to deal with it.